Inpuls is a Belgian based boutique consultancy company focusing exclusively on Information Management and Data Insight. As we consider information to be the pulse of your organisation, we thought it a good idea to have a company name that reminds people of that, hence ‘Inpuls’. We are not tied to specific vendors and care for delivering vendor neutral advice. Truly one of our key differentiators. With our distinctive experience and no-nonsense approach, we quickly enable businesses to make the most out of their data. We can assist at any part of the information management value chain: from strategy to tool selection, from architecture to change management, from training to personalised coaching.


Léa Doré
Presales Consultant
Orchestra Networks

Jan Maarten Willems
Managing Partner

Jan Maarten Willems, Managing Partner, Inpuls, and Léa Doré, Pre-Sales Consultant, Orchestra Networks, discuss the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and deliver a demonstration of the new GDPR Accelerator from Inpuls and Orchestra Networks.

In this session you’ll learn more about the upcoming European Union regulation, how the regulation requires better information management, and see how the GDPR Accelerator can help your organization comply.

Accelerate your GDPR compliance project

Orchestra Networks helps organizations manage their most important data. We provide a software solution—EBX5—that lets users manage, govern and share any and all data assets, including master data, reference data and meta data, because we know that effective data management often requires more than a point solution. For over fifteen years, Orchestra Networks has focused on providing a multidomain data management solution so flexible that it can manage data needs you may not even have thought of yet.