Taxonomy Management

Taxonomies provide a standard way to classify things. Whether you need to develop your own classification scheme, for example, genres for your episodic content, or rely on public standards like SIC, SNOMED-CT, or XBRL/GAAP/IFRS, EBX provides a complete set of tools for taxonomy management.

Support for complex models and hierarchies, because taxonomies are more than lists of codes.

Versioning, mappings and crosswalks. Manage multiple versions and crosswalks for all your taxonomies.

Distribute and apply your taxonomies to systems and users. Apply the classification scheme to other data assets managed inside EBX.

EBX features

Any data model from simple code lists to complex hierarchical structures

Hierarchy management for taxonomies, multi-taxonomy mappings, and applied taxonomies

Generate crosswalks using matching algorithms

Governance workflow to manage your taxonomy and its evolution

Versioning lets you manage, use and map multiple versions of a taxonomy

Real-time and batch interfaces for integration with other enterprise applications

White Paper

What’s the DAM problem with taxonomies?

Case studies

Healthcare Terminology Server with EBX
A strong foundation for operational excellence and enhanced analytics
Better Data Governance through Better Reference Data
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