Salesforce users need high-quality customer data to do their jobs. While there are plenty of data quality solutions for a single Salesforce instance (or org), how do organizations with multiple instances (and often non-Salesforce applications) keep their master data in sync? The answer is EBX.

EBX, helps you manage a single version of your customer data and enforce quality at the point of entry. And, when it comes to integrating with Salesforce, EBX takes a non-intrusive, lightweight approach that accelerates your time to production and dramatically reduces the integration effort.

EBX features

Prebuilt models and mappings for account and contact master data

Embedded UI components for seamless integration into Salesforce

Real-time matching for duplicate detection at the point of entry

Advanced workflows for data on-boarding, updates and approvals

Support for multiple Salesforce orgs synchronization

Real-time and batch integration with Salesforce orgs

Embedded MDM in Salesforce

EBX Web Components are at the heart of our new approach. These components enable you to embed MDM screens in your Salesforce (or non-Salesforce) applications. These screens have the same look and feel and tie in seamlessly. This means when users create or edit master data (accounts, contacts) data quality happens immediately because they’re interacting with the MDM.

  • Embed MDM screens for creating or editing master data

  • Inline matching for duplicate detection and resolution

Hierarchy management and reference data

With EBX Web Components, your Salesforce users can access every capability in EBX including hierarchy management. This means your users can manage as many standard and alternate hierarchies as they need. And because these hierarchies are in EBX, they would not be subject to any limitations imposed by Salesforce.

  • Create an unlimited number of standard and alternate hierarchies

  • Hierarchies can have an unlimited number of levels

  • View reference data and hierarchies

Kick-off governance workflows

Many Salesforce users complain about the lack of governance workflows between other enterprise teams and stakeholders. For example, they’ve closed an account and now they need to step out of Salesforce, into excel and into email just to notify finance that new financial accounts are needed.

With web components, your users have master data workflows at their fingertips. They can kick off workflows from the comfort of their salesforce application.


  • Issue management and enrichment workflows

  • Approval workflows

Works with multiple Salesforce instances and non-Salesforce applications

By maintaining a single version of your customer data and embedding MDM screens in your Salesforce and non-Salesforce applications, you can scale to an unlimited number of instances without increasing the cost of integration. When master data are updated in the MDM hub via embedded MDM screens, EBX synchronizes back master data to each instance using web services, or your existing middleware solution.

Our solution allows you to keep your Salesforce instances “as is” without the need for consolidating them into a big parent org. It also works the same way with non-Salesforce applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Oracle Cloud.

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