• Conrad Chuang

Trendspotting at the MDM/DG Summit

The New York MDM/DG Summit brings together data management and data governance professionals for several days of, what an attendee described as, "pure, unadulterated data geekery." Beyond the geekery, an annual highlight are the MDM Institute's ‘Reality-Check' Survey and Field Reports sessions. The purpose of the research is to understand the drivers of the MDM market and gather experiences from actual MDM users to separate the reality from vendor marketing.

Over the past several years, the institute has highlighted ways in which the market for MDM has changed. The institute was the first to notice that the large consumers have, "moved beyond CDI & PIM to include reference master data." (One reason why the MDM/DG summit has a RDM track).

We are seeing the same thing in our customers and prospects. Our large enterprise customers, such as Sabre, have chosen to start with reference data to build the political capital and goodwill required to tackle the more factious domains such as ‘customer' or ‘product.' But unlike historical (or legacy) MDM implementations that are domain-silos, our customers plan on building upon the RDM deployments. Extending RDM into MDM by using public and private reference data as attributes and hierarchy levels for other domains of master data such as location, finance, HR, and then eventually customer and product.

Perhaps this is why the MDM Institute has found that enterprises are focusing on MDM platforms that "… support relationships and hierarchies with different entities." And given the challenges of integrating multiple ‘legacy' MDM silos, these organizations have found that most of the "legacy MDM" vendors lack the the ability to support networked/hierarchical relationships.

At Orchestra Networks, we've seen all these trends and our customers can attest to their existence. In fact, you can see the importance of reference data, hierarchies and multidomain relationships-or how reference data is linked into other domains-in the two presentations from Credit Suisse and United Technologies delivered at this conference. Access the presentation content through their links and watch this space over the next couple of days as we distill out some of the highlights and questions that came from the audience.

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