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Technip selects Orchestra Networks' MDM software for active data governance on all its master data

Paris , July 1, 2010. Orchestra Networks, a leading Master Data Management software vendor announces that Technip, a world leader in engineering, technologies and project management for the oil and gas industry, has selected its EBX.Platform for applying Data Governance on all its master data across the Enterprise.

With 23,000 employees in 48 countries and industrial assets on 5 continents, Technip has a complex organization. Reference and Master Data shared by business users and IT systems cover all dimensions of the company, including projects, customers, suppliers, partners, organization, employees, financial hierarchies…

In parallel of a vast ERP deployment program, Technip has decided to select a Master Data Management solution at the group level, in order to apply unified governance on its master data, and a clear decoupling with the Information system.

Technip' software solution selection was based on two major requirements:

  • The solution was mandated to be able to absorb any type of reference / master data across the enterprise. On evaluation of vendors it was apparent that most MDM software available on the market is very limited to specific data domains such customers or products. Orchestra Networks' EBX.Platform is the only MDM software to provide true "Model-driven" capabilities that meet the needs of Technip.

  • The solution must also provide the Technip business users flexible data governance capabilities. While most MDM software are positioned as technical hubs or warehouses, EBX.Platform provides a rich set of governance features for business users: intuitive UI, collaborative workflow, fine -grained security and version control…

"Orchestra Networks is an MDM pure-play for almost 10 years. The great maturity of its solution and the number of large account references has been key in our decision" said Jean-Luc Brunat, Deputy CIO of Technip. "We wanted to get a highly flexible solution that really allows a quick adoption by our business lines. User experience is at the heart of every reference & master data governance program".

"We are very honored by Technip' choice. As many of our customers, Technip has built an ambitious MDM roadmap that covers all its master data, but has also started its initiative pragmatically" said Christophe Barriolade, CEO of Orchestra Networks. "The Model-driven approach of EBX.Platform allows the realization of first results in a few months, while building a generic platform for future data governance initiatives."

Another key feature for Technip software selection was EBX.Platform D3 module. D3 allows the MDM software to be deployed at a large scale, providing a global geographical federation of master data and for exposing master data as real-time services in SOA architecture. D3 - Distributed Data Delivery, guarantees a high scalability of the MDM and avoids the technical risks of traditional MDM hubs architecture.

About Technip

Technip is a world leader in the fields of project management, engineering and construction for the oil & gas industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions and technologies.

With 23,000 employees around the world, integrated capabilities and proven expertise in underwater infrastructures (Subsea), offshore facilities (Offshore) and large processing units and plants on land (Onshore), Technip is a key contributor to the development of sustainable solutions for the energy challenges of the 21st century.

Present in 48 countries, Technip has operating centers and industrial assets (manufacturing plants, spoolbases, construction yard) on five continents, and operates its own fleet of specialized vessels for pipeline installation and subsea construction.


About Orchestra Networks

Orchestra Networks provides the next generation of Data Governance / MDM software, with a clear focus on governance for all shared data across an organization. The model-driven approach with its dynamic user interface and data services provides the means for business and IT to finally collaborate on MDM. Founded in 2000, Orchestra Networks has presence across Europe and North America. For more info, please visit www.orchestranetworks.com

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