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Six years on, how is TechnipFMC's MDM program going?

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

At the recent Gartner DA show in Grapevine, TX (March 6-9, 2017) we were lucky to host Bruno Billy, Group MDM Manager at TechnipFMC.

Bruno delivered a retrospective detailing the past six years of achievements and lessons learned from driving an enterprise-wide multidomain master data management program that spans forty-eight countries.

What's unique about TechnipFMC is that this is a follow-up to their first Gartner presentation back in June 2011. In a forthcoming blog post we'll compare and contrast what was envisioned and what was delivered (Spoiler alert: the goals, the vision remained quite consistent over the six years--this clarity might have been one success factor).

For now in this blog post we highlight a few of the interesting takeaways.

MDM changed the way the executives think about data

We often hear the recommendation to treat "data as an asset." At TechnipFMC they've made it into a reality. More importantly there is recognition of MDM's value, one example: stakeholder confidence. The transparency that MDM brings to data management has improved confidence in data. They know operations and analysis are supported with consistent and accurate master data and hierarchies (that they can verify/audit at any time). This means everyone in the chain of command can focus on decisions at hand instead of chasing those vague suspicions that the data is "not quite right."

The program has also led to the recognition that there are substantial connections between governance, master/reference data and stewardship. In fact, Bruno pointed out that the executives see MDM as central to several major TechnipFMC initiatives: digital transformation, CDO-led governance and the Technip and FMC merger integration. This understanding that MDM does much to support the business the is one reason why MDM is in the office of the CDO.

Enterprise-level MDM is always multidomain …

Bruno provided a quick snapshot in figures. Their program:

  • Supports one hundred ninety-eight operating centers worldwide,

  • Integrates with thirty-nine enterprise applications, including salesforce and ERP systems,

  • Masters twenty-eight domains of master data

While these figures are impressive, what's more interesting is that the program still continues to see robust growth in the number of applications and domains mastered. One reason for the growth is that supporting business processes often includes mastering and connecting the process-specific master or reference data to the enterprise master data. Also as changes to the business process appear, these changes drive updates to domains, governance and stewardship. This is one reason why Mr. Billy stressed MDM is ongoing, there's no discrete ‘end.'

… but multidomain doesn't mean many people

One metric that many people found surprising was that the core team has decreased in size since the program's inception. You'd think at twenty eight domains there'd be at least at least twenty eight stewards. So why such as low number for TechnipFMC and why is it decreasing?

One possibility is how TechnipFMC structured the team. On a RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, or informed) matrix by RACI matrix standpoint, it's possible that the program team only approves or certifies vs responsible for making updates and creating new data. Moving the responsibility for master data updates from the MDM program team to the stakeholders results, not only, in more nuanced decisions, but also, in better buy-in from team members globally. Another possibility could be the consistency that emerges as you support and connect multiple domains of master data together. Within EBX, connecting domains of master data creates consistency rules that will fail if these quality constraints are violated at the point of entry. This means data does not fail silently what's obviously in error can be found and fixed on the spot by the right people.

I'm hopeful to get these questions answered (and more!) in the coming weeks. The reason is that Bruno is planning on delivering his presentation in an upcoming webinar we plan on having sometime in mid-to-late April. Email us @ hello@orchestranetworks.com if you'd like to be pre-registered for the event and feel free to send up any questions about the TechnipFMC presentation, our product or MDM in general.

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