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Real time fuzzy search now available for EBX

Search makes it easy for users of the MDM to find that up-to-date, accurate information they need. And as we've said before making it easy for your users to integrate the MDM into their day-to-day operations means that you'll create the demand, adoption and internal support that is necessary for program success.

Many of our customers use our existing multi-criteria search to find content in EBX5. For example, in the media and entertainment industry, multi-criteria searches can locate the product codes for the latest Assassin's Creed DLC being distributed on Steam; or pull up the official Japanese (Katakana) synopsis for Star Trek: Into Darkness.

As useful as multi-criteria search is, customers at our advisory boards sessions (in Europe and North America) told us that they wanted more options for search. In fact, users of our matching engine (mainly used for deduplication and stewardship) wondered if we could reuse the same technology in a search use case.

This is why we are delighted to announce the general availability of fuzzy search in EBX 5.4. This feature places the advanced algorithms, already available in our multi-factor matching tool, into the hands of your end-users for search use cases. This means that end-users will have multiple search tools at their disposal in the user interface, including: simple text, multi-criteria and probabilistic.

Typical searches will use phonetic, string-edit distance or other probabilistic algorithms (or some combination) to finds results in real-time. Fuzzy search also works on your metadata, allowing users to search for terms and definitions in their data and workflow models.

Fuzzy search features include:

  • Search both data and metadata

  • View results as tabular reports or "web search" style

  • Tune the algorithm sensitivity on the fly

  • Configure the scope of search (from a single table to a full data set)

  • Matching policies based on an extensible library of algorithms