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Orchestra Networks Named Leader in Reference Data Management Solutions

Shares top honors with market giants for Enterprise RDM implementations according to The MDM Institute 2014 Survey on Reference Data Management

Boston — April 3, 2014 — Orchestra Networks, a leading Master and Reference Data Management (MDM/RDM) vendor, today announced that in a major survey of the RDM market,

The MDM Institute found that Orchestra Networks was one of the three most implemented solutions for Reference Data Management.

The MDM Institute, a leading research analyst firm specializing in Master Data Management, conducted an in-depth survey on Reference Data Management. They determined that Orchestra Networks was one of three MDM vendors leading the market, along with Oracle® and IBM®. The survey, which covers large global organizations, brings a unique view to how and why companies implement RDM at an enterprise scale.

Reference Data Management, along with Customer Data Integration (CDI) and Product Information Management (PIM), is seen by The MDM Institute as a critical segment of Master Data Management. RDM is becoming an important building block in the information management strategy of large organizations. With RDM, companies govern foundational data sets, mastering private and public information shared by business teams and IT applications.

"It is of critical importance that organizations realize that RDM is not an insignificant, standalone project," said Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer of The MDM Institute. "We found that many of the respondents, who are tired of dealing with inconsistent reporting and transaction failures, are planning on integrating that consistent data from RDM with their ERP, CRM, and, of course, BI/Big Data initiatives."

"Our market survey shows that there is a big difference between short-listed solutions and the ones that have been implemented. Our advisory council tells us that several MDM vendors have tried to position their existing product and customer MDM software as an RDM solution. However, since these CDI/PIM solutions often lack key capabilities for versioning, hierarchy management, and governance, they are ineffective for RDM projects," added Zornes.

As a pure player in MDM and RDM, Orchestra Networks provides EBX5, a software solution that spans the entire life cycle of Reference and Master Data. The software includes key capabilities for sophisticated RDM programs including flexible data modeling, relationship management, hierarchy management, version control, integration and security. Orchestra Networks differentiates itself from other MDM vendors by providing a unique solution that addresses both MDM and RDM requirements. This allows companies to implement RDM as the first step of a multidomain MDM initiative and expand progressively.

"We are honored by this recognition as one of the RDM market leaders. We see more and more large organizations turning to Orchestra Networks for their Master and Reference Data Management programs. With EBX5, they are able to benefit from unique RDM capabilities, and invest in a single, unified multidomain MDM platform," said Christophe Barriolade, President & CEO of Orchestra Networks.

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About The MDM Institute

The MDM Institute is the world's leading research and advisory consultancy exclusively focused on master data management (MDM). As chief research officer, Aaron Zornes delivers the technology-related insight necessary for its clients to make the right decisions in their use of MDM, customer data integration (CDI), reference data management (RDM) and data governance solutions to achieve their customer-centric business goals. The MDM Institute provides authoritative, independent and relevant consulting advice to senior IT leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech enterprises and professional services firms, and to technology investors. The MDM Institute delivers its research and advice to more than 60,000 clients in 10,500 distinct enterprises via Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ and email newsletters. Additionally, each year more than 2,000 paid delegates attend its MDM & Data Governance Summit conference series held in London, New York City, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto (now in its ninth year). Founded in 2004, The MDM Institute is headquartered in San Francisco and has clients primarily in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

For more information, visit www.the-mdm-institute.com.

About Orchestra Networks

Orchestra Networks (www.orchestranetworks.com) is a leading pure-play, independent Master and Reference Data Management software solution provider. Our EBX5 software enables business and technology users to model, master, govern and connect Master Data as diverse as customer, product, supplier, finance, HR, Reference Data, and more in a single end-to-end solution.

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