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Orchestra Networks improves analytical MDM support for business intelligence and big data use cases

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Introduces enhanced enterprise dimension and hierarchy management capabilities at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit.

Orchestra Networks, the independent, pure-play multidomain master data management software provider today announced new and improved capabilities in EBX for managing hierarchies, enterprise dimensions and attributes that improves support for business intelligence and big data use cases.

These enhanced capabilities address some of the most common issues that business intelligence and big data programs face when managing analytical master data, specifically:

Establishing conformed dimensions and attributes

In order to analyze data from multiple source systems, the dimensions and attributes from each system must mean the same thing. EBX provides a full set of data governance tools to help teams manage the process of creating standardized, or conformed, dimensions.

Creating alternate hierarchies

There's no limit on the number of alternate hierarchies business teams wish to create. The newly improved hierarchy management tools in EBX enable business users to create alternate hierarchies without any handholding or support by the technical team. Also, EBX's hierarchy linking features guarantee that alternate hierarchies are node-level complete and consistent with their source.

Managing slowly changing dimensions

Analysis teams need to use and maintain different versions of dimensions, attributes and hierarchies. Historical versions are required when performing time series analyses, and "what if", or hypothetical, versions are required when testing out new ideas. EBX provides robust version management (and version linking) to meet the requirements.

With EBX, companies can manage a single version of all enterprise dimensions and hierarchies for customers, products, regions, financial accounts or market segmentations. Because EBX provides a business-user-friendly, workflow-driven user interface for hierarchy management, business teams have full control on their analytical master data.

These new capabilities combined with EBX's strengths in operational MDM mean that organizations can use the same software to enforce consistency between their operational master data and their enterprise dimensions, attributes and hierarchies without resorting to costly and hard to maintain ETL mappings.

"The business intelligence market has moved towards a self-service approach where the business users have control over their reports and dashboards.", said Conrad Chuang, Director, Product Marketing at Orchestra Networks. "We see the same phenomena in the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Big Data space. Business users want to get back control over their dimensions and hierarchies, which define how their business is (or could be) structured and organized."

"Orchestra Networks pioneered the concept of multidomain MDM, or the idea that one software could govern all of the domains of master data in one place. By adding in these new capabilities focused on analytical MDM, EBX is quickly becoming more than a multidomain MDM, but a multi-context MDM, or robustly supporting operational and analytical contexts in the same environment." said Christophe Barriolade, CEO Orchestra Networks