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Orchestra Networks’ EBX first in Master Data Management technology for the 7th consecutive year

We’re pleased to announce that the Information Difference has ranked EBX, our unified data management solution, number one for technology in the MDM Landscape report. This marks the seventh year that EBX, has been recognized for its technological innovation. To read a copy of the report, click here. Each year the Information Difference publishes the MDM Landscape, a market survey that evaluates a comprehensive list of MDM vendors and their solutions based on technology, customer satisfaction, and market share.

In this year’s MDM Landscape, The information Difference reviewed nearly sixty different solutions from forty-six vendors. The reason there are so many more solutions than vendors is that many vendors offer multiple, data domain or use case specific, master data management solutions. Supporting an enterprise initiative with multiple software products contrasts with EBX’s all-in-one approach, where a single solution supports the management and governance of multiple master data domains, reference data, and data governance assets. Of the forty-six vendors, only thirteen vendors satisfied the minimum requirements and were ranked in this year’s report.

In commenting on the methodology used in the MDM Landscape’s technology ranking, Andy Hayler, CEO of The Information Difference said: “The ranking for technology is a weighted combination of four things: Technology breadth, or the areas which the solution covers against our functionality model, the maturity of the technology, feedback from a survey of reference customers, and our expert analysis of the solution, or solutions, gleaned through vendor briefings and product demonstrations.” Mr. Hayler continued, “The fact that Orchestra Networks tops the technology rankings is evidence that EBX received high marks across all four of those areas.”

Remarking on the ranking, Christopher Barriolade, CEO of Orchestra Networks, said “It’s an honor to be recognized as a technology leader for the seventh year,” Mr. Barriolade continued, “Our technology ranking and strong showing in customer satisfaction is evidence that the pace and direction of our client-driven innovation continues to pay dividends.”

The Q2 2018 MDM Landscape can be downloaded at: https://www.orchestranetworks.com/mdm-landscape

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Orchestra Networks helps organizations manage their most important data. We provide a software solution—EBX—that lets users manage, govern and share any and all data assets, including master data, reference data and meta data, because we know that effective data management often requires more than a point solution. For over fifteen years, Orchestra Networks has focused on providing a multidomain data management solution so flexible that it can manage data needs you may not even have thought of yet.

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The Information Difference is an analyst firm focusing on master data management (MDM), data warehousing and data quality. Its founders are pioneers who helped shape the MDM industry and possess in-depth global project experience. Take advice from someone who has run real-life MDM projects, rather than someone who just talks to people who have.

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