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Orchestra Networks announces D3 for Distributing Reference & Master Data to SOA and Worldwide Orgs

Paris, March 8, 2010. Orchestra Networks, leading provider of MDM / Data Governance software today announces D³, a new module of its EBX.Platform for Distributed Data Delivery.

As MDM / Data Governance matures as a critical solution for managing reference and master data across the Enterprise, large organizations are already evolving to the next stage: delivering data in real time to their Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Worldwide Organization.

To meet this increasing need, Orchestra Networks releases a new module of its EBX.Platform software. Called D³ for Distributed Data Delivery, it provides a clear decoupling of Data Governance Time from the Data Consumption Time and delivers high scalability for real-time and distributed access to reference and master data.

Rather than relying on one central hub, which can easily become a single point of failure, Orchestra Networks customers are now able to deploy EBX.Platform in a distributed architecture to meet two key requirements:

» Data as a Service: D³ allows any SOA infrastructure (Enterprise Service Bus) to consume real-time Data Services. EBX instances can be deployed in clusters, providing high availability and elastic scalability.

» Geographical Federation: D³ allows to distribute data to worldwide users and applications, by synchronizing a central repository with local instances.

Technically, D³ is based on a transactional synchronization technology, using SOAP on HTTP/HTTPS. Thanks to this support of industry standards, D3 can be deployed on existing infrastructure, without any proprietary protocols or database replication systems.

"Most of our customers have started their project by connecting EBX.Platform to their applications and databases using batch data integration, avoiding any impact in existing systems" said Martial Doré, SVP Product Development at Orchestra Networks. "With new application developments on going, we now see a strong demand for a direct connection to the MDM repository with real-time access to reference and master data".

D³ leverages EBX.Platform Data Services, allowing to dynamically generate Web Services for consuming reference data. Most of Enterprise Service Bus solutions have been successfully tested with EBX Data Services, in live deployments.

Orchestra Networks will present D³ during a Webinar scheduled on March 22, 2010 at 11am EDT (4pm CET). Orchestra Networks will also be sponsor at Gartner MDM Summit on April 14 to 16, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.

About Orchestra Networks

Orchestra Networks provides the next generation of Data Governance / MDM software, with a clear focus on governance for all shared data across an organization. The model-driven approach with its dynamic user interface and data services provides the means for business and IT to finally collaborate on MDM. Founded in 2000, Orchestra Networks has presence across Europe and North America, For more info, please visit www.orchestranetworks.com

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