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Orchestra Networks announces a record-breaking 2009 year for its Data Governance Software

Paris, France - January 6, 2010. With more than 100% growth for its fiscal year of 2009, Orchestra Networks demonstrates again its leadership on the MDM and Data Governance market.

During 2009 our customers have deployed EBX.Platform in various data governance initiatives, proving that a true model-driven MDM software is the only way to address all reference data, across business lines and IT systems.

» A multi-national bank has successfully deployed 7 projects using EBX and covering product data, physical assets, credit risk, suppliers, IT assets.

» A pharmaceutical company is using EBX.Platform as a cross-domain MDM for its products, parties, and organization data, from R&D to supply chain

» A large mutual insurance company is deploying EBX as an enterprise reference data management tool, connected to its core IT systems

» A global manufacturing company has built an enterprise-wide Data Governance organization for its core reference data, allowing collaboration between business users and data stewards

» A non-profit organization is managing its complex, decentralized organization data

» A international video-game publisher is managing its product catalog, allowing business teams to maintain complex product hierarchies

» A leading Retail company is managing a central hub for its supply chain data, including SKUs, stores and depots

The common element of all these initiatives is the ability to provide business lines with a secure, central solution to apply governance of those critical reference data.

"2009 has been a turning point for the Master Data Management market. Companies now recognize that they need a generic, model-driven tool to apply governance on all their shared data." says Christophe Barriolade, President & CEO of Orchestra Networks. "Traditional approaches that rely on data integration only or vertical packages like PIM or CDI are no longer a viable approach for cross-enterprise data governance".

From simple reference tables to complex master data, your organization deals with a huge number of shared data assets. In an ideal world, all your data should be managed with the same level of governance across your business and IT organization. In reality, Data Management often relies on a proliferation of spreadsheets, databases or packaged applications. It can lead to operational errors, false reporting, regulatory compliance issues and costly maintenance.

EBX.Platform is one of the first Model-driven MDM solution that allow companies to model and manage all their shared data. Based on rich data modeling capabilities, EBX.Platform dynamically generates all data governance features, including a Web-based UI, hierarchy management, workflow, role-based security, sophisticated version control and SOA Data Services.

Business users and IT systems finally share a common unified solution to gain control on their shared data:

» Business users can start small, managing their first data set in days or weeks and grow by extending their models and reusing the same platform.

» IT Systems leverage those data governance capabilities by connecting EBX to the existing middleware infrastructure (ETL, ESB, BPM)

Using EBX, organizations raise the level of governance on all their data initiatives, including Master Data Management, Reference Data Management, Hierarchy Management, Data-centric apps, Data Quality, Data Migration, Business Intelligence or Service Oriented Architecture.

About Orchestra Networks

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Paris, Orchestra Networks is a leading and independent software vendor supplying the first truly model-driven master data management software solution. Its EBX.Platform provides clients with significant data governance capabilities to gain greater control of their master and reference data. Orchestra Networks has been named "Cool Vendor in Master Data Management, 2008" by Gartner. For more information, email info@orchestranetworks.com or visit www.orchestranetworks.com.

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