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Orchestra Networks Adds Data Governance and Visualization Features to Data Management Software EBX

September 29, 2014 — JERSEY CITY,NJ — Orchestra Networks, a leading multidomain Master and Reference Data Management (MDM/RDM) solution provider, today announced the addition of features for data governance and visualization to EBX5 at the Data Governance and Financial Services Conference.

Orchestra Networks is the first MDM/RDM solution provider to dynamically connect metadata to master and reference data models. It is no longer necessary to maintain metadata in a separate application, which can cause incompatibilities between glossaries and master and reference data. If a definition is changed in a business glossary, for instance, it will automatically be reflected in the MDM.

"There is considerable friction between the multiple solutions an organization often deploys for data governance, data quality, metadata management and reference and master data management," says Sunil Soares, founder and managing partner of Information Asset and author of the upcoming book, Data Governance Tools.

"The lack of integration between metadata, governance and MDM and RDM solutions creates inconsistency that hampers the overall data management and governance mission."

Data Governance integrated into MDM/RDM

New data governance features tap into EBX5's core platform and work with existing features such as collaborative workflow for metadata onboarding and approval, version control for managing past, present and future metadata, security for configuring fine-grained permissions, fuzzy search, data quality tools and matching. The governance features are based on an ISO/IEC 11179-compliant metadata repository and can be used to maintain metadata for both EBX5 and external systems.

Key new data governance features include:

  • ISO/IEC 11179-compliant business glossary with support for multiple business-context definitions, synonyms and semantic associations.

  • Lifecycle, governance and version management tools to enable integrated governance workflows and policy management across the entire information space.

  • Full integration with MDM/RDM to create connections between concepts (semantic), model definitions, and policies to master data domains, tables, data elements and values.

  • A dedicated browser-based user interface for end users to search and retrieve information from the data governance component.

"Our customers now have the option to manage business glossaries, governance processes, policies and metadata in the same place as their master and reference data. EBX5 provides the means to ensure semantic and governance consistency in MDM in a way that heretofore has simply not existed," said Pierre Bonnet, co-founder and COO of Orchestra Networks.

Visualize, explore and manage the network of master data relationships

With its new visualization feature, EBX5 customers now have mechanisms for visualizing, exploring, and managing the relationships found in master and reference data. Graphics and reports can also be exported.

"Customers have always had access to our multidomain hierarchy manager," said David Lapetina, senior architect, Orchestra Networks. "EBX5 now has tools for visualizing both structural relationships and data relationships that exist on a record level. For the data stewards, using these twin views helps them evaluate the logic of a master data model (e.g. should the customer domain connect to product through a product_id), and the accuracy of materialized relationships (e.g. are these two organizations the correct counterparties for FX Swap #81,314)."

Key visualization features include the ability to navigate:

  • Structural views of the underlying data model,

  • Values/relationship views for a specific record or data set,

  • Through association.

"Many of our customers' Chief Data Officers and Chief Data Architects have pointed out that deploying multiple, siloed solutions for reference data, master data, and metadata creates a situation where business teams find it challenging to collaborate across the entire data governance value chain," said Christophe Barriolade, president and CEO, Orchestra Networks.

"With our new capabilities we are extending the scope of MDM to address the critical needs of data-driven organizations."

About Orchestra Networks

Orchestra Networks (www.orchestranetworks.com) is a leading pure-play, independent master and reference data management software solution provider. The software, EBX5, enables business and technology users to model, master, govern and connect master data as diverse as customer, product, supplier, finance, HR, reference data, and more in a single end-to-end solution.

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