• Orchestra Networks

New version of Orchestra Networks' MDM delivers data-driven master data apps to business users

Orchestra Networks, the independent, pure-play multidomain master data management software provider today announced the general availability of EBX5, version 5.6.0. Among the software enhancements, version 5.6.0 brings new capabilities for configuring data-driven apps for business users.

MDM platforms provide consistent master data-customers, products, reference data-that support enterprise-wide business processes. Without consistent master data values, your operational and analytical processes fail. To ensure consistency in the organization, master data management platforms need to be adopted by the business. Business teams need to participate in the creation, governance, and consumption of master data.

Simply: User adoption is a critical success factor for every MDM program

Since its founding, Orchestra Networks has been focused on making master data management friendly with features such as its browser-based authoring interface, built-in collaborative workflow and hierarchy management.

Our notion: Making MDM friendly is key to business user adoption

For EBX5 5.6.0, we are pleased to announce the general availability of a new feature called: EBX5 Perspectives.

EBX5 Perspective improves upon the already easy-to-use EBX5 interface and adds the ability to configure interfaces for teams within your extended enterprise. Each Perspective can be seen as an enterprise mash-up or composite MDM application; with Perspectives it's easy to customize the EBX5 experience:

  • By role: configured to meet the needs of specific user groups from consumption only-users to data stewards and administrators,

  • By domain: configured by master data domain such as: customers, products, financial accounts, franchisees, etc,

  • By context: operational master data vs. conformed dimensions and hierarchies.

Perspectives extends the EBX5 user interface model, this means perspectives are not another set of MDM screens that require separate support and development-its a configuration-only exercise:

  • Organize navigation for direct access to master data and services, including tables, hierarchies, workflows, dashboards, matching,

  • Customize the look & feel to match your organizational design standards with colors, icons, labels, groups and sections,

  • Create inheritable, perspectives templates, and

  • Re-use EBX5 security models, access controls, authentication layer and integration with your directory and SSO system

EBX5, version 5.6.0, is now available for download for all customers current on maintenance.