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Michelin, a world leader in tires …. now a world leader in MDM

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

We're pleased to report that one of customers Michelin, a world leading manufacturer of tires, has won the 2013 Gartner MDM Excellence Award for EMEA. Alain Dubost, Head of MDM at Michelin, gave highlighted their ROI and described the need for business involvement and governance in MDM.

For those that don't know the award process is rather rigorous. Several months prior to the conference, Gartner opens up their excellence award application process. Any organization in region (EMEA, Americas) with a MDM project can apply. The applications are submitted and the conference and track chairs for the Gartner summit review the submissions and narrow down the field to their top three finalists. These finalists make their case to the attendees of the summit. And the summit attendees (not the analysts) vote for the winner. It's great recognition from one's peers in the industry.