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Mediclinic International to present at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Germany

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Braam Horn, Group General Manager: Enterprise Information Management at Mediclinic International will present at the upcoming Gartner Data & Analytics conference in Frankfurt, Germany (November 20-21, 2017).

MDM for Healthcare. Do we need a heart transplant or a stent?

MDM at the core of patient analytics: When do we require a new ‘heart transplant' to create new data standards and when would a ‘stent' be sufficient to deliver the desired value? What value did the journey deliver thus far and what are the lessons learned along the way?

Speaker: Braam Horn

Group General Manager: Enterprise Information Management Mediclinic International

Braam Horn manages the Enterprise Information management (EIM) team within the health care provider group Mediclinic International. His team focuses mostly on information architecture (and the promotion of data as an asset), data warehousing (busy adopting logical data warehousing) and master and reference data management across the Mediclinic Group. The EIM team supports and enables the Advanced Analytical and Health Information Management teams. Braam started his career as an Electronic Engineer but has been involved with information management for more than 20 years. He has experience in the telecommunications, health care, oil and gas, transportation and electrical power industries.

Learn more on the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Germany website.

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