• Christophe Barriolade

MDM and Data Governance in a Decentralized Organization

Earlier today, we announced that Bolloré Africa Logistics, the leading logistics services provider in Africa selected Orchestra Networks EBX software for its Master Data Management program.This is an important win for Orchestra Networks, since Bolloré Africa Logistics faces many of the challenges of a sophisticated MDM initiative in a decentralized organization.

Setting up global data governance rules and processes while preserving flexibility for local subsidiaries is a highly complex challenge. Here's a typical use case: new master data (let's say a product) may be created globally and then shared by all countries. One country can update this product locally and then consolidate the information back to the centralized MDM. Then all countries can be re-synced from the main MDM.

Delivering MDM and Data Governance to such a decentralized business has the following organizational and technological impacts:

  • Business users at both headquarters and local offices need to collaborate on master data through sophisticated workflow, with fine-grained roles and permissions. So there is not "one central MDM with one unique governance" but something more distributed across the organization

  • The MDM solution must be flexible enough to adapt to a distributed organization: It is not possible to rely on one central hub for MDM. Master Data needs to be replicated and synchronized in multiple locations or channels, sometimes in spite of variable network conditions.

The Orchestra Networks EBX5 solution delivers many benefits and efficiencies for an MDM program in a decentralized organization:

  • Fine-grained role-based security and built-in workflow that enables active collaboration across the enterprise.

  • Inheritance engine for managing global master data and adapting it to local contexts such as regions, countries or subsidiaries.

  • The ability to deploy MDM in a distributed architecture with transactional synchronization between MDM instances through the EBX5 D3 feature (meaning Distributed Data Delivery).

So if you are planning to invest in an MDM solution with strong Data Governance capabilities to manage your decentralized organization, you may want to consider Orchestra Networks and the proven benefits our EBX solution provides to customers.