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Leading Research Firm Finds Orchestra Networks Delivers Market-leading Master Data Mgt Software

Integrated solution, EBX5, scores higher for functionality than better-known competitors

BOSTON, MA, May 20, 2014. Orchestra Networks, a leading multidomain Master and Reference Data Management (MDM/RDM) solution provider, today announced that The Information Difference, a leading research firm specializing in Master Data Management and Data Quality, concluded that EBX5 delivers market-leading master data management functionality, with the greatest overall functional breadth compared to the market as a whole.

Key Findings

  • Completeness of solution. EBX5 offers the greatest overall functional breadth compared to the market as a whole.

  • Ease-of-configuration (short time-to-value and multidomain MDM). EBX5 Is the most complete "metadata-driven" product providing market leading configuration and extensibility around a business model well suited to multi-domain MDM programs.

  • Information governance and stewardship. EBX5 performs extremely well in the data governance and data provision categories, with a rich, workflow-driven user interface

  • Hybrid MDM. EBX5 is one of a very small number of MDM technologies capable of supporting a federation of MDM hubs.

  • Performance measurement and reporting. EBX5 provides a reporting capability that is highly customizable and driven from its own metadata.

  • Data Quality integrated with MDM. EBX5 delivers a good data quality capability, most of which has been developed specifically for an MDM application rather than re-purposing of generic facilities as many of the other vendors have done.

"What's notable about Orchestra Networks, is that they have been able to deliver this level of functional breadth and depth in one well-integrated solution," said Andy Hayler, CEO of The Information Difference.

The analysis was performed using The Information Difference MDM Select Methodology. MDM Select is comprised of over 200 functional checkpoints relevant to MDM technology buyers in six main categories, including: data governance, business rules, data quality, data provision, data storage, and data movement. Each one of the checkpoints was weighted equally. The Information Difference uses findings from their most recent briefings with major master data management vendors (Informatica, IBM, Orchestra Networks, SAP, and others) to score each vendor's solution against each checkpoint.

Within MDM Select there are often several sets of scores for the same vendor. This is because some solution providers, notably SAP and Informatica, offer a basic MDM product and the option to purchase somewhat integrated additional technologies in areas such as workflow, BI/reporting and data quality and both the "basic" and "product plus" scores are included for those vendors.

"We are very proud to have been recognized as one of the leading MDM solutions," said Christophe Barriolade, President and CEO of Orchestra Networks. "Over the past several years, Orchestra Networks has invested heavily in innovation, with the express goal of expanding MDM to support the entire information governance lifecycle without sacrificing our signature ease-of-use and business user experience. These findings from The Information Difference show that we are on the right track."

To apply the MDM Select Methodology to fit your master data management program and configure the functional weightings appropriately please visit:

http://www.informationdifference.com/products/mdm-select/index.html "We chose to use equal weighting across all criteria because it provides a neutral baseline of evaluation," said Andy Hayler, CEO of The Information Difference. "Organizations should adjust the weighting for each criteria to suit their own requirements."

About The Information Difference

The Information Difference (www.informationdifference.com) is an analyst firm focusing on master data management (MDM). Its founders are pioneers who helped shape the MDM industry, with in-depth MDM global project experience. Take advice from someone who has run real-life MDM projects, rather than someone who just talks to people who have.

About Orchestra Networks

Orchestra Networks (www.orchestranetworks.com) is a leading pure-play, independent master and reference data management software solution provider. The software, EBX5, enables business and technology users to model, master, govern and connect master data as diverse as customer, product, supplier, finance, HR, reference data, and more in a single end-to-end solution.


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