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La Poste group selects Orchestra Networks Master Data Management solution for its Mail business unit

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Paris, October 15, 2010. Orchestra Networks, the leading pure-play Multidomain Master Data Management vendor today announced that the La Poste group has selected the master data governance solution - EBX.Platform for its Mail business unit.

Master Data governance is today at the heart of large enterprises challenges. Master - or Reference - data define key business information across the enterprise, shared by all business lines and IT systems.

The Mail Business unit of the La Poste group - has launched an initiative in order to improve master data quality and provide the business a real control on their data.

The selection of the EBX.Platform software solution is a direct result of its performance in two fundamental criteria:

  • The ability to model and manage any type of reference or master data. Here, Orchestra Networks with its EBX.Platform proved to be the most flexible solution evaluated, because of its true multidomain and model driven approach. Other solutions struggled to show real flexibility over their initial focus for managing customer or product data.

  • Provision of rich governance and data management features. An analysis of successful MDM projects demonstrates that the adoption of the solution by business teams is a significant factor of its success. While a number of solutions are positioned as integration platforms, EBX.Platform provides a rich set of data governance features in a 100% web-based UI, including data modeling, time management (version control), role-based security (roles and access-rights) and adaptation to geographies (federation).

"We decided to evaluate all solutions in a very short proof of concept with both vendors and our teams. It allowed us to measure the flexibility of tools on multiple data domains, including customer and human resource data" says Tania Komaroff, MDM Project Director for La Poste group, Mail Information Systems.

"Our MDM solution deployment plan for an organization of our scale is a wide and ambitious initiative. Nevertheless, our roadmap will conciliate a corporate data governance strategy with quick, tactical project returns for business teams an imperative" adds Patrick Geai, Governance Director for La Poste group, Mail Information Systems.

"We are very proud of the trust placed in our company and solution by La Poste group" says Christophe Barriolade, President, CEO & founder of Orchestra Networks. "It confirms our unique positioning on the MDM market and also our ability to address the MDM initiatives of large-scale organizations."

For more information on La Poste group, please visit www.laposte.com

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Orchestra Networks provides the next generation of data governance / MDM software, with a clear focus on governance for all shared data across an organization. The model-driven approach with its dynamic user interface and data services provides the means for business and IT to finally collaborate on MDM. Founded in 2000, Orchestra Networks has a global presence and customers wordlwide. www.orchestranetworks.com

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