• Christophe Barriolade

Improving community health in Vietnam

The past fifteen years have been exciting at Orchestra Networks. We've grown from a small software start-up into an international organization. Today, we have an established presence throughout the globe with offices and partners in Europe Middle-East Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

While most of our new regions have been focused on distribution, Vietnam has been different. We started technical operations in Vietnam in 2011 in order to increase our testing and quality assurance, and support capabilities to our engineering group and our customers.

This year, we found ourselves in a unique position to expand our commitment to the country of Vietnam in a new way. Today, I am proud to announce that Orchestra Networks is now a donor of PSI/Vietnam—the global, public health charity focused on clean drinking water, infectious diseases and childhood health.

To learn more about, please visit PSI/Vietnam web page or read this article.