• Christophe Barriolade

Engaging business users, critical for MDM success

Orchestra Networks supplies technology to enterprise MDM initiatives the world over. Our customers span a wide cross-section of industries and functional areas. While this is a testament to the flexibility of our technologically leading MDM/RDM software, EBX5, we recognize that master data management, like many management issues, is, at its heart, about people. Without commitment from business teams-who author, approve and consume master and reference data-an MDM program has a low chance of success.

Developing and maintaining business user engagement is a topic that we discuss frequently with customers in MDM strategy sessions, meetings with executive sponsors, and customer advisory boards. Customer feedback has led to innovations in EBX5 user experience that touch areas you'd expect (user interfaces, architecture, distribution) and some areas you'd not expect (pricing, deployment, integration).

One customer that has had notable success with engagement is Michelin. This global MDM implementation, led by Alain Dubost, was publicly recognized with a Gartner Excellence award in 2013 because of their level of business team engagement.

If you're starting an MDM program, struggling with user adoption, or merely interested in the challenges of engagement

I welcome you to register for our webinar with Michelin on 12 Nov 2013 at 9:30-10:30 AM ET and hear how Michelin converted MDM from an IT constraint to a business desire.