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EBX4.6: The Leading Model-driven MDM now with Data Modeling Capabilities for enhanced collaboration

Paris, March 5, 2009. Orchestra Networks, a leading provider of Master Data Management Software, today announced the immediate availability of EBX.Platform 4.6. This release includes the Data Model Assistant, a new and fully integrated module of the EBX Data Governance tool for collaboration and design of data models.

Model-driven MDM is the next generation of Master Data Management solution. Rather than providing rigid, pre-defined data models limited to specific business objects, EBX.Platform allows companies to design their own data models, whatever the extent of the complexity of their reference data.

Based on the XML Schema standard, EBX.Platform is recognized as the most flexible Model-driven MDM by absorbing any Enterprise Data Model in order to manage all reference data including products & services, items, Bill of Materials, financial hierarchies, organisation charts, third-parties, employees, channels, assets and codes.

By releasing its version 4.6, Orchestra Networks pushes the model-driven approach to the next stage: allowing business analysts and data stewards to collaborate on the design, change and management of their data models within the EBX data governance tool. The new module, named the Data Model Assistant, provides a Web-based graphical user interface for designing rich data models. Features include objects and attributes definition, rich typing, documentation, localization and also the declaration of validation rules and complex links between objects.

Fully based on EBX.Platform MDM engine, Data Model Assistant benefits from existing data management and role-based security, allowing real collaboration around both data and metadata. It is also able to generate or reverse engineer data models in the standard XML Schema format, a standard supported by the EBX.Platform.

"As MDM matures in large organisations, we see a very strong involvement of business teams in data governance initiatives. By providing one unified data governance tool with data modeling capabilities, Orchestra Networks' MDM software addresses the real data owners in all lines of business" says Christophe Barriolade, CEO of Orchestra Networks.

In addition to the Data Model Assistant, EBX.Platform 4.6 brings major improvements of its data governance tool:

  • Advanced visual hierarchy management

  • Data import / export for business users

  • Graphical user interface for building complex queries and filters

  • User defined attributes

EBX.Platform 4.6 is available for download at http://www.orchestranetworks.com.

About Orchestra Networks

Founded in 2000, Orchestra Networks is a leading and independent software vendor supplying the first truly model-driven master data management software solution. Its EBX.Platform provides clients with the capability to take control of their master and reference data providing significant data governance capabilities. The company has worldwide coverage including a strong presence in Europe and North America. Orchestra Networks has been named "Cool Vendor in Master Data Management, 2008" by Gartner. For more information, email info@orchestranetworks.com or visit www.orchestranetworks.com.

Note: Orchestra Networks is a registered trademark of Orchestra Networks in France and in jurisdictions throughout the world. All other company and product names may be trade names or trademarks of their respective owners.

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