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EBX Version 5.5.0 now generally available

We're pleased to announce that EBX5, version 5.5.0, is now available for download for all customers current on maintenance. EBX5 is Orchestra Networks' comprehensive, business-focused, multidomain, master data management software.

Version 5.5.0 highlights include:

  • Associated objects

  • Collaborative workflow improvements

  • New look-and-feel for the workflow dashboard

  • Restore from record-level history

  • User interfaces enhancements

Associated Objects

Associated objects are a new data modeling option that builds-on the multidomain relationship support and model-driven architecture of EBX5. Associated objects use the master data relationships to bring together and filter all related data into one object.

For example, a manufacturer could use a supplier-parts associated object to combine each supplier's details with all the parts its supplies. EBX5 uses the associated object to generate a comprehensive user interface that contains all supplier details and parts information in one screen. With associated objects, no additional time and effort is required to hand code sophisticated user interfaces that pull from multiple domains of master data.

Collaborative workflow improvements

Workflow is a standard component in EBX5 and supports data stewardship and governance activities. Version 5.5.0 adds additional options for parallel and nested workflows; and re-use. When workflow re-use option is enabled, a workflow designer can include, or nest, existing workflows as sub workflows to be executed serially or in parallel.

Workflow dashboard improvements

In EBX5, the workflow dashboard provides real time updates on the state of all workflows. The dashboard has a new look and feel and the on-screen controls have been updated to make navigation more intuitive.

Restore from record-level history

To meet auditing and compliance requirements, EBX5 supports record-level history-who changed what, when, and the values of those changes. New to version 5.5.0 is the ability to restore record values from any point in the record history (or timeline). When these values are restored, all current data quality checks-de-duplication, calculations, validations, constraints-are enforced against the restored values.

User Interface Enhancements

EBX5 is designed to be accessible to users across a wide spectrum of skills. We welcome feedback from all EBX5 users-developers, data stewards, administrators, business users-to guide our user interface updates. This version includes enhancements such as:

  • XHTML-compliant editor for rich text form-fields,

  • Show/hide/freeze columns in table view, and

  • Updates to the data modeling tool to simplify configurations