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EBX version 5.4 is now generally available

Version 5.4 improves usability and adds new matching and data distribution features

We're pleased to announce the on-time delivery of EBX5, version 5.4, now available for download. EBX5 is Orchestra Networks' comprehensive, business-focused, multidomain master and reference data management software. This release introduces a number of new usability, integration, distribution, and data governance enhancements.

Some quick highlights:

Modern "flat design" look and feel

EBX5 version 5.4 embraces the flat-design trend with its new, modern look and feel for all user interfaces, including authoring, stewardship, administration, modeling and hierarchy management. This new look and feel, inspired by the industry's current design movement, creates an even more aesthetic user experience for the business and IT teams involved in your MDM program. By simplifying and streamlining the UI elements, we've made EBX5 easier for your business teams to learn, adopt and use MDM, helping you drive business user engagement and program success.

"Continuously improving the user experience is an important focus for our product engineering team," said Martial Doré, co-founder and Head of Product Engineering at Orchestra Networks. "As EBX5 is a centralized authoring and governance solution for master and reference data, users need an intuitive, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface. 5.4 represents another step in our continuing efforts to lower the learning curve for MDM."

Improved compliance with your organizations design standards

As an extension to the modern look and feel, Version 5.4 has new capabilities for customizing the user interface to match your organization's corporate design standards. These features allow you to re-enforce your organization's brand, mission and vision in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to help build organizational commitment for your MDM program.

Native SQL support

Version 5.4 improves the data access methods found in EBX5 by extending its native SQL access features. Using the SQL Connect feature, you can query the MDM in SQL (both data content and full record-level history) and leverage the underlying database for data replication and synchronization. EBX5 supports major RDBMS such as Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and IBM® DB2®.

Integrated in-line matching

Version 5.4 includes an integrated matching engine designed to provide matching services for any master data domain within the MDM. Licensed as an optional add-on, inline matching provides a stewardship user interface for reviewing and merging duplicates, survivorship for automatic duplicate resolution, and a set of advanced capabilities such as false negative detection and multi-factor and multi-algorithm match.

"Our customers need matching across multiple domains of master and reference data, not just customer data. But more importantly, they need matching to be tightly integrated into their complex, governance workflows," said Pierre Bonnet, co-founder and COO at Orchestra Networks. "With our new integrated inline matching, we are able to provide matching for any domain, including customer, without sacrificing integration with governance processes."

Enhanced distributed architecture

Version 5.4 includes new capabilities for D3. D3 provides synchronization between master and slave instances of EBX5, supporting unique cases for geographical federation or real-time data access clusters. EBX5 now allows you to choose between strict transactional synchronization or a federated mode for asynchronous communications. Example use cases include cross-border anonymization for compliance with data privacy regulations and disconnected, geographically distributed MDM hubs in low bandwidth environments.

For licensed customers currently on maintenance, you should have received a communication from your Orchestra Networks customer service representative detailing how to download EBX5 version 5.4. Please contact your account representative or email support@orchestranetworks.com if you have any questions. If you would like a demonstration and walkthrough of any of our new features, please feel free to contact us here.