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EBX 5.9.0 now generally available

Introduces new look & feel, support for SAP HANA, new data visualization capabilities, the REST Toolkit, and new EBX GO features

Orchestra Networks is pleased to announce the general availability of EBX 5.9.0. For customers currently on maintenance, the new version can be downloaded from our support portal: https://www.orchestranetworks.com/support

Version 5.9.0 adds many new features, for a full list please review the release notes. Notable highlights in EBX 5.9.0 include:

New look and feel

In keeping with our efforts to facilitate greater usability across a wide spectrum of users--such as end users, data stewards, admins, and developers--the EBX UI has been revamped to improve clarity and usability.

Support for SAP HANA

Our customers tell us that the data management solution they choose should support the databases, operating systems, and cloud platforms they already use. Given customer feedback, we’re pleased to announce support for SAP HANA, the in-memory relational store from SAP. Standard, enterprise, and express editions are supported for versions 2.0 and above, either on-premises or in the cloud.

In addition to SAP HANA support, our persistence team added an inter-database migration utility that will allow you to migrate between different databases (e.g. Oracle to PostgreSQL) or the same type of database with a click of a button.

New visualization capabilities

EBX has always provided multiple avenues for visualizing your models and data. Building off of our already comprehensive hierarchy and graph views we’ve added a slew of new capabilities that users will find useful.

Model visualizations

Data Models

It’s easier than ever to obtain a visualization of your underlying EBX data model. EBX data model visualizations include, not just, the classic entity-relationship diagram contents, but also, insight into consistency constraints that rely upon the cross-domain/multi-domain relationships typical to multidomain MDM. Included with the new data model visualization features is a complete API that can be used for visualization of other models--for example, system metadata found in data dictionaries or data catalogs.

Workflows Models

On the workflow side, we’ve added a new BPMN-based visualization/editor for workflows that augments the existing hierarchical modeling tool. The view is not just a view, but it can also be used to perform edits and analyze dependencies.

Data relationship visualizations

Building off of EBX’s already strong hierarchy and graph visualisations, we’ve added a new capability for understanding impact, data lineage, and multi-dimensional relationships, and complex hierarchies. The new visualizations are interactive and easy to use. You simply select a set of records and go. These visualizations are available everywhere, including in our native iOS and Android app, EBX GO.

EBX GO 2.0

EBX GO, our native app for iOS and Android devices, continues to evolve apace, reflecting customer feedback and demands. Version 2.0.0 includes many improvements, including:

  • Ability to upload digital assets

  • Access to data quality dashboards

  • Data model and data relationship visualization (tablet only)

REST Toolkit

One of the strengths of EBX’s model-driven design approach is that the UI, web services, and persistence layer are generated by our engine. Generation compresses the cycle-time required by projects teams because the time and effort required for DB, UI, and web services development is removed. Our customers can focus on higher value tasks and respond to changing requirements and new information in a more agile way.

In order to extend our auto-generated REST services, we’ve introduced a new REST Toolkit that enables our customers to implement custom REST services and make them available through the standard EBX REST API. Based on JAX-RS 2.1 annotations, the toolkit will enable customers to create new APIs in order to expose complex data services to applications or develop novel user interfaces we can’t imagine.

More to be presented at our Customer Advisory Board meetings in November

We look forward to presenting EBX 5.9.0 at our upcoming Customer Advisory Board meetings in New York, Paris and Amsterdam in November. Our team is organizing in-depth sessions on those new capabilities as well as an update on the product roadmap and demos from our labs.

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