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EBX 5.8.1 now generally available

Adds new user interface improvements, new support for database-as-a-service and new search and matching capabilities.

Orchestra Networks is pleased to announce general availability of EBX 5.8.1. For customers currently on maintenance the new version is available from our support portal.

Version 5.8.1 adds new features that improves the user experience and expands the list of supported persistence, and improvements.

Some notable highlights include:

EBX GO: Enterprise data management in your pocket

As previously reported, version 5.8.1 is the first version to support EBX GO, our native iOS and Android mobile app for EBX.

For more information about EBX please visit www.orchestranetworks.com/go.

Support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Orchestra Networks customers have a wide array of deployment, persistence, security and legal requirements. This is why EBX has always supported multiple relational database management systems, operating systems, Java containers, and cloud service providers.

Recently our customers have asked us to extend EBX database-as-a-service support to include Microsoft Azure SQL Database to simplify their deployments on Azure. Version 5.8.1 adds full support for Azure SQL Database.

Grid Edit adds spreadsheet-like data update

Version 5.8.1 improves the Grid Edit feature introduced in EBX 5.8.0. Grid Edit allows spreadsheet-like editing functionality while retaining the real time enforcement of business and quality rules, validations, consistency constraints and computations customers expect in master data management stewardship screens.

With 5.8.1 it is now possible to copy and paste values in multiple cells, create new records in the grid, delete, or duplicate rows.

Improved fuzzy search user interface

Fuzzy search, introduced in 2014, helps users to find records in the EBX repository that are similar, but not exactly the same, to their search terms. EBX 5.8.1 includes an improved user interface. This UI uses tabs to organize the search results simplifying presentation. Additionally, users can view their search history, browse and filter results.

Improved matching crosswalk

The EBX matching engine includes a crosswalk feature. With crosswalk users create policies that define how records from different sources should be linked. The crosswalk facilitates the creation of registries. With 5.8.1 comes several features, notable highlights include:

  • Run crosswalk on record subsets. This new enhancement is used to limit linking to specific records based on criteria. For example, only link golden records or only link deltas (new records) from master data imports.

  • New crosswalk API in order to run custom record linking processes

Improved User Interface for Associations

Associations, added in version 5.5.0, enables users to access, edit, and visualize the complex relationships that exist for any data object--e.g. displaying a record's multiple many-to-many relationships as a tab or inline. In EBX 5.8.1, associations have been improved to support search as well as the aforementioned Grid Edit capability.

For more information about the latest improvements to EBX, please review the release notes or contact your support or sales contact.

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