• Orchestra Networks

EBX 5.2.3 is available

We are pleased to announce that EBX version 5.2.3 is generally available to our customers. This new version brings EBX5 Add-ons support and provides a number of enhancements to the data governance features such as authoring user interface and data workflow.

Support for EBX5 Add-ons

EBX 5.2.3 is our first version architected to provide full support for the new EBX5 Add-ons. EBX5 Add-ons are a set of modules that provide new capabilities, including pre-defined data models, new end-user features and integration services.

User Interface

EBX 5.2.3 includes several enhancements of the master data authoring and management user interface for end users, including:

  • Fine grained validation on demand, at table level

  • Create a record in a linked object without leaving the current record

  • Layout selector, allowing to hide portion of the UI

  • Improved permalinks, allowing to share direct links to any master data object

  • Ability to call a custom view as a web components for integration into third party portals

  • Improved API

Data Workflow

EBX 5.2.3 data management workflow has also been improved:

  • Access to a custom view in a workflow task

  • Ability to configure the scope of navigation in a user task

  • Advanced custom services configuration

  • Improved API for accessing data workflow information

Release note, documentation and software download are available to Orchestra Networks' customers via their technical support access.