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Announcing EBX self-training program

As our EBX Master Data Management (MDM) software is being deployed worldwide by large companies and used by wide range of business and IT users, we are pleased to announce our new self-training program.

Based on an innovative Web platform, this program is a 100% online, 24/7 e-learning solution.

Open to Orchestra Networks customers and partners worldwide, this program eliminates travel costs, offers an affordable way to learn EBX and allows trainees to learn at their own pace.

EBX self-training covers our 2 days basics course for business and IT users (advanced course to be available later) and contains:

  • Access to the full EBX5 software environment, ready to install on a Windows or Linux computer

  • Trial licence key

  • Sample data models and repository for the course

  • 8 tracks covering EBX5 features with slides, demonstration videos and exercises

  • After completing the full course, trainees can schedule a one hour call with our trainer for a Q&A session

Learn more in our training section.