Product Master Data Management

When your product master data management requirements go beyond a simple product catalog, you need a solution that can keep up. You may have complex product models that have multidomain relationships with vendors, suppliers, or locations, or you may need to support regions, countries, or language adaptations. With EBX you only need one solution.

It’s more than a product catalog. 
EBX manages complex products and distribution.

Designed for use by everyone, not just your product data experts.

It’s actually multidomain. EBX lets you model any master data—including relationships between domains—without buying separate solutions.

EBX features

Support for any product data model with complex attributes and relationships

Hierarchy management for an unlimited number of alternate hierarchies

Inheritance to adapt to channels, regions or languages without duplication

Rich user interface for product master data management

Workflow to support collaboration between everyone that touches your products

Integrated Digital Asset Manager or integration with 3rd party DAM platforms

White Paper

Master Data Management in Sales & Marketing Office

Product Master Data Management case studies

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