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ERPs are designed to streamline operations not manage master data. If you try to use your ERP for MDM, things can get tricky. Learn how EBX can support your ERP with better master data.

This video explains how EBX can augment your ERP for better master data management.

EBX features

Flexible data models that support any domain such as material, GL, supplier

Integrated data quality to profile, cleanse, validate and match data

Collaborative workflow for master data on-boarding, updates and approvals

Business user applications for viewing and authoring master data

Real-time and batch interfaces for master data integration

Data quality dashboards for analytics and performance measurement

Case studies

What's next?

Driving Multidomain MDM simultaneously to ERP harmonization
Applying MDM to Drive ERP success and ROI
Multi-Year Journey in Enterprise Multidomain MDM
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