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The need for sophisticated master data management in HR

Appirio, the global cloud consultancy perhaps most well-known for their 600,000 member topcodercommunity and crowdsourcing platform, had some interesting predictions for Human Resources in 2014 on their Cloud Powered Business Blog (part 1part 2part 3). While many of their predictions address the consumerization of IT, the impact of millennials, and the globalization of talent– one of their more interesting (well to us, a master data management vendor) was their comment on the need for sophisticated master data management systems in HR.  Appirio points out that:

“For HR to access and analyze up-to-date information within the function, across the enterprise (including information from the devices used), and from external tools (e.g., LinkedIn), a sophisticated Master Data Management (MDM) system is required.”

Apprio describes MDM  as an enabling technology, as a mechanism for human resources to

“… look at performance in a much more meaningful way and identify the major influencers within the enterprise.”

This use of MDM, and the desire to understand the “human network” (or to perform network analysis) are among the ways our customers are using EBX5 to manage their HR master data. For more info about our solutions in HR, click here.  While MDM does not dispense with the need for enterprise applications to process HR transactions–payroll, applications, onboarding–the right MDM, especially one that can manage values and relationships across domains and time are well suited for the future of HR that Apprio describes.