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Be proactive: Data governance and data management go hand in hand

Data governance has become a priority for many organizations, initiated to address regulatory compliance, operational improvement or reporting quality issues. However, those same organizations often treat data governance as a standalone documentation-oriented initiative, implementing their own business processes and applying their own tools.

This institutionalized fiefdom behavior results in a siloed data governance program that is challenging to leverage since it is difficult to connect the governance documentation to day-to-day data management operations.

You probably don't want your data governance organization to look like this:

With a standalone implementation as the model for data governance, it’s easy to understand why a business team might perceive data governance as just another set of rules and processes that get in the way. How, then, does an organization establish a data governance program that will meet the enterprise need for control and compliance, while also providing the federation and flexibility required by the individual business teams?

Among our customers, we have observed, that integrating a data governance program with data management/data assets addresses the problem. To do that, they widen the focus to incorporate the documentation of definitions, ownership, policies and procedures, with the integration of governance to data management. They create a ‘vertical’ data lineage, which connects the conceptual business glossary to the master and reference data used in their organization.

Keep in mind this is not just about master and reference data; it covers other competencies that are adjacent to and influenced by data governance, such as: 

•    Hierarchies,
•    Taxonomies and classifications,
•    Dimension management,
•    Big data catalogs,
•    User access and entitlements, and 
•    Information and system security classifications.

Let’s take a look at an example of how this would work with our solution, EBX5. EBX5 is a single platform for managing any kind of data asset, including master data, reference data and metadata. Our multidomain approach enables our customers to support both data governance and data management initiatives with EBX5.

To read more and see a real implementation example, please download our whitepaper.

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On May 17, Conrad Chuang from Orchestra Networks, and worldwide recognized data governance expert Nicola Askham, will present Automating Data Governance Policy: How Organizations are Automating DG Policy Implementation in Data Management Software at the MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe in London. Learn more.

On June 9, Edie Ashton, Principal, Global Technology & Solutions, and Danielle Cuteri, Associate Vice President, Fund Management from The Carlyle Group, will present Implementing Integrated Data Governance at the MDM & Data Governance Summit San Francisco. Learn more.