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An MDM you can touch (and pinch, and swipe, and..)

When I look at the content about master data management it seems to fall into two buckets. It’s either technical powerpoints featuring bipartite graphs, or conceptual whiteboarding videos.  You’d be forgiven for thinking MDM requires a PhD in mathematics, strong freehand skills, and a pack of dry erase markers.

It’s all rather humorous because master data isn’t conceptual at all. When I look at what our customers are doing in EBX5 it’s concrete. We see our customers managing: 

  • Finance data like cost centers and charts of account,
  • Employee info and org charts,
  • Differences between domestic and international product families, and
  • Reference data for countries, currency codes and holidays

This is business data you can touch. It’s only seems fitting to offer access on an iPad.

While iPad access seems like all sizzle and no steak,  the reality is that it raises what users expect from an MDM platform and improves adoption.  Simplifying access to identifiers, attributes or hierarchies promotes use (and use drives more use).  Your users begin to realize the value of having accurate master data at one’s fingertips, making funding for MDM initiatives a fait accompli.

Some concrete examples? How about:

  • In meetings, being able to pull up the current and proposed product hierarchy to clarify the rationale behind the South American go-to-market;
  • At the factory, comparing what asset management says should be installed vs. what is actually there, or 
  • On the road, reviewing and approving new product names before London wakes up.

These are a few of the ways that we think our customers will get value from an iPad enabled MDM.  Let us know what you think.  In the meanwhile, check out our iPad support in action, now available in EBX 5.2.2.