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a horse is a horse, of course of course…

I’ll Have Another came from behind to win the 138th Kentucky Derby. For those of you who missed it, you can see the video from Churchill Downs. I’ll Have Another makes his move around 1 minute 44 seconds with 15 seconds to go (it’s proof that the Derby is“the most exciting two minutes in sports!”) The triple crown moves on to Pimlico, home of the Preakness which will be run on May 19th.

While I’m not a huge horse racing fan, it has added the rather funny phrase “Horses...

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Babies, analytics and official dates

In the “Data Driven Parent” (The Atlantic, May 2012) Mya Frazier covers baby-data apps, which are apps to help new parents capture and analyze data about their new baby.

At their most basic, these first-generation baby-data apps offer … a substitute for handwritten diaper-change and feeding logs. The apps’ greater innovation, however, has been in charting and analyzing [and individual] children’s data… Forthcoming versions … [will allow] parents to compare their child with...

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Business Involvement and the “Shadow MDM Platform”

Over 4-5 April 2012 Orchestra Networks participated in the Gartner MDM Summit in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

We had great discussions with hundreds of enthusiastic attendees that visited our booth and came to our sessions.   Special note to attendees: look for an email from Gartner describing how to access video of all the sessions.  Through the streaming tool you’ll be able to replay our M.D.M. Live session, which includes comments from  Technip about how MDM supports their multi-billion...

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Two styles of MDM? Observations from 2011

2011 was an exciting year in the Master Data Management space, particularly as I discovered that some companies are maturing more quickly than the vendors! My observations today are based on Orchestra Networks’ most recent wins including big names in financial services as well as large companies in automotive, pharmaceutical, entertainment and manufacturing.

It is clear that customers recognize a good thing when they see it. Some forward-thinking companies have realized that they can...

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Master Reference Data: Fix your ‘small MDM’ issues before looking at big ones

Last week, Orchestra Networks co-sponsored the MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York city. One of the hot topics during the summit was what Aaron Zornes, the conference chair, calls Master Reference Data. Master Reference Data is a small set of stable, slow-changing reference data that is not only shared by all business teams and applications, but also linked to other traditional master data such as products or customers.

Actually, nearly half of the discussions at our booth were...

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The Truth About CDI Hubs and Why They can’t become True Multidomain MDM Solutions

Many vendors today are claiming to provide “multidomain master data management”, an extension of their original focus on Customer Data Integration (CDI). They argue that their solutions can be used to manage any master data domain such as products, assets, locations, financial hierarchies, etc.

Is it true? Can a solution originally designed for B2C customer data integration use (mainly transactional hub with matching capabilities) be applied to other master data domains?

Well, we...

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Do I Need ETL/ESB Inside My MDM Solution or MDM Inside My ETL/ESB?

(In short: Neither.) Data integration is a critical component of any Master Data Management program but beware of all-in-one solutions.

Over the last 12 months, the Master Data Management (MDM) landscape has evolved and many say it has matured. As MDM and Data Governance became top priorities for large companies, traditional ETL/ESB vendors seized the opportunity and acquired MDM pure-play vendors.

In the past, ETL or ESB vendors have been “integration-focused”. But now with their...

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How to Manage the Various Dimensions of Your Master Data Life Cycle

A common definition of Master Data Management (MDM) is “a single version of the truth” or “a single view of X”. While it is true that the objective of any MDM initiative is to create one reference of shared data for the enterprise, I always find this definition a bit restrictive.

Actually, what makes master data complex is not only its level of duplication, but also its life cycle. Or we could say life cycles, because there are many different dimensions to consider.

The various...

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Financial MDM: An Alternative to Oracle Hyperion DRM

As we work on Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives with our customers in the UK and North America, here’s what we’re hearing from Finance & Accounting (F&A) teams about their experience with Oracle Hyperion DRM:

  • There’s a lack of governance workflow. “DRM lacks built-in workflow capabilities so we cannot define collaborative processes for change management or approval.”
  • It’s too complex for business users. “It’s not user-friendly, the User Interface (UI) was designed...
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The MDM User Experience–It really does make a difference

On February 8th, we announced EBX5, the fifth major release of our multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) software. While EBX5 introduces many new features for master data quality, authoring and lineage, an important part of the announcement is the product’s new user interface (UI) which was specifically designed for business users.

Business users own master data and are responsible for its quality and governance. In fact, day-to-day, they are often the front-line managers for data...

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