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Big Data + Bad reference data = Bad Forecasts

A couple of days ago I caught an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled: “Corporate Economists Are Hot Again.” The article described how large companies are expanding their internal economic analysis units to

“… digest huge amounts of data … to determine opportunities and risks for companies’ business units, not just in the U.S. but around the world.”

At first glance I thought this was going to be another article on the importance of data scientists, but then this...

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Master data makes your big data meaningful

Periodically, I meet with our keys customers to discuss the state of their MDM program and learn about how we can serve them better. Recently, I sat down with the CIO of McDermott International, Maurice Tayeh. Naturally, the topic of big data and analytics came up. Maurice pointed out something interesting. (Incidentally, Mr. Tayeh will be speaking on MDM, Big Data and Business Intelligence at the upcoming Gartner MDM Summit in Las Vegas April 2-4, 2014). Mr. Tayeh asserts that big data...

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The best run ERPs run on good master data

Enterprise resource management systems support each step of an organization’s value chain with modules for product development, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and sales and service. Additional modules support overlay functions such as finance, human capital management and corporate services. 

Each one of these ERP modules rely on a special kind of data, called master data. Master data represents the shared data that’s in use across the value chain, examples include: G L...

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How to add Master Data Management to your organization’s list of 2014 resolutions

Many organizations recognize that master data management is a must have. As our customers point out, accurate and consistent master data for products, customers, financial accounts, organizational hierarchies and locations streamlines processes within the organization and reduces reconciliation costs.  This need for accurate and consistent identifiers, attributes and hierarchies is the impetus for implementing the processes and systems used to govern your organizations shared data, or...

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Connecting to business users is more than software usability

About a week ago, Julie Hunt published her notes from our briefing with the Hub Designs team in an article called: Orchestra Networks – Connecting Business Users to Master Data.   While I recommend reading the entire piece, this paragraph caught my eye:

“Orchestra Networks … understand[s] how important it is to identify and capture relationships in and between master data domains. In many enterprises, data-related processes need to align with the real world intricacies that...

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Want to engage your business users? Speak their language

On Tuesday, 12 November 2013, Orchestra Networks had the pleasure of hosting Alain Dubost, Head of MDM for Michelin and winner of the Gartner 2013 MDM Excellence Award,  for an hour long webinar on engaging business users. Given the hundreds of registrants and attendees, addressing this problem must be a perennial problem for MDM practitioners.  It makes me wonder if business user engagement contributes to the maturity issue described by John Radcliffe.

Alain gave a wide-ranging,...

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MDM worlds collide! Customer is the product and product is the customer

Gartner just released its two updated Magic Quadrants for Master Data Management:

worldswollideFor a second year in a row, we’re proud to be positioned in both MQs. As Gartner points out we’re in both customer and product MQs with the same software solution. It seems obvious, but if you’re following the MDM market and Gartner research, you’ve probably...

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Orchestra Networks joins the Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR)

As part of our efforts to provide a complete Master Data Management solution for the Media & Entertainment Industry, we are delighted to announce that Orchestra Networks has joined the Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR,


EIDR is a universal unique identifier system for movie and television assets. From top level titles, edits, and DVDs, to encodings, clips and mash-ups, EIDR provides global unique identifiers for the entire range of audiovisual object types...

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New whitepaper: Special Challenges in B2B Counterparty MDM

Maintaining the consistency and accuracy of an organization’s shared identifiers, attributes, and business entity relationships is a problem found across a wide range of sectors. As a consequence, Orchestra Networks’ master data management platform, EBX5, has been applied by organizations in sectors as diverse as engineering and construction, manufacturing, and financial services. While this is no different from other MDM providers, what sets EBX5 apart from other platforms is its...

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Ensuring long run business success for your MDM program

Orchestra Networks is often described as being “business-focused.” While many prospects assume this is just shorthand for the easy-to-use and easy-to-adopt interfaces in our MDM/RDM software, EBX5. However, for us, being business-focused also means aligning our organizational processes to facilitate the success of our customers in the long and short-run. We focus on usability because we understand that easy-to-use software speeds adoption. And business team adoption is an essential...

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